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There are no room numbers on ROCS, no lobby, no receptionist, and no room keys. The whole island is your home. 


This is what ROCS offers to its adventurous guests:


Tented bamboo structure 72 m2 with twin or double bed and incredible views. There is a 50 m2 bathroom with incredible views. There is also a separate bunk bed for those who want to sleep under the stars - also with incredible views. 


Stone structure with an open living room on the ground level and bedroom with glass doors on the second floor. There is a bathroom with a shower next to the structure. All of that comes with, of course, incredible views. 


All beds come with the best quality linen, the softest pillows, and duvets. There are fluffy big towels and the best organic bath products in all bathrooms. 


The dining area is in the only Olive Grove in Indonesia or in the Big White Tent - both with incredible views. 


The hammock lounge under the big trees is perfect for cooling down during the hot hours of the day.


The mangrove tree house is the perfect place for a midday snack and some dreaming. 

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