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ROCS ISLAND is a family affair.


Even though ROCS ISLAND has been with us for a decade, we have an 8-year-old olive grove on the island to prove it. First olive grove in Komodo.


The serious movement towards building a home on the island occurred during the 20-20 time.


First envisioned as a fully sustainable, zero-waste operating island with 14 high-luxury homes, a staff village, a diving center with grand piano and spectacular chandeliers, a multi-functional tennis court, spa center, art museum, the food…oh, the food…let me stop here, it would have been incredible.



Life is funny at times, in the process of chasing the big project, we overlooked the fact that we have a chance to build our legacy, brick by brick. We shelved 3 years of planning, taking from it the knowledge that accumulated over time and we started digging… ourselves.



Then we started planting. We didn't stop there, we brought water to the island,

From sleeping in small tents under the Milky Way, we progressed to a bamboo bedroom with a sunset view and so many cushions.



We realized, as the island is taking a different shape, we have something very unique to offer - 

Being a part of the beginning of ROCS ISLAND story.


We do view ROCS ISLAND as our lifelong mission, a dream without a certain path, a road we are incredibly fortunate to witness unfold.



Based on our first Komodo Adventure, ALEXA PRIVATE CRUISES, 31m Penisi Yacht with a SINGLE cabin, we are able to cater to those 

who prefer it a certain way.


We are happy to share our stories with you around the bonfire 0n ROCS ISLAND.

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